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Y-CRM: Your YMCA's Perfect Partner, Powered by Y-USA

Experience the power of a CRM tailored by the Y-USA that simplifies your day with transparent pricing, takes tedious manual work off your plate and ensures compliance.

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Y-CRM is like a helpful team member who's always got your back, handling the dull stuff so you can focus on the fun part: building your community.


The Contemporary YMCA Landscape

YMCAs are a beacon of community strength, but in today's digital world, selecting the right software isn't just nice to have—it's essential. It's time for a CRM that doesn't just tick a box but truly enhances the YMCA mission.

"Compiling year-round data for Y-USA annual reporting is always such a time-consuming task."

"I spend so much time organizing program schedules manually."

"Going through member feedback from our programs takes forever when it's all on paper.”

“I’m always guessing which programs our members prefer because tracking attendance manually is so inefficient.”

“Understanding donor behavior is key to our fundraising, but it's hard to do without the right tools.”

“Every year, unpredictable CRM costs make budgeting a nightmare.”


Challenges Today, Waves Tomorrow

Challenges left unaddressed reach beyond operations, echoing through your mission. With Y-CRM, built on Salesforce, you gain a solution that truly understands and elevates the essence of your YMCA’s purpose. 



With Y-CRM you get to do more of what you love.

Amplify the good you do. Forget about manual work and digging for data. One quick click, and you've got a clear picture of members engagement, fundraising, budget, actionable insights, and more.

Goodbye Manual Tasks

With Y-CRM, wave goodbye to endless admin work.

Act on real-time insights to make better decisions for your community center. Explore your data, generate reports, and visualize data to deliver on your mission.

Effortless Fundraising

With our tools, managing donors and donations becomes as simple as a friendly chat.

Give your staff access to pre-built automated actions and components that they can use again and again. Start with templates or quickly build your own.

Simplify Your Operations

From memberships to camps and financials, handle it all in a snap.

Share member data and profiles between teams. Always deliver the best experience possible and eliminate data entry duplication between member profiles.

Seamless Third-Party Integration

Need to send emails or process payments? Our integrations make it easy.

Y-CRM: An all-in-one system to enhance community service

Tech made simple for small and medium YMCAs: Y-CRM brings the latest in easy-to-use tech, perfectly sized for your YMCA's unique needs."

Streamlined Compliance and Reporting

Effortless data management ensures that the YMCA meets compliance with ease, upholding standards and avoiding potential setbacks.

Operational Excellence and Engagement

Automation of administrative tasks liberates staff to engage more deeply with members, tailoring programs that drive satisfaction and participation.

Financial Clarity and Enhanced Fundraising

Predictable budgeting and insightful donor analytics bolster financial health, fueling impactful community programs and robust fundraising success.

When you get results, you improve lives.

We moved to Traction Rec because it's a 100% digital solution that brings our various business lines together on the same system.

Vanessa Providence

Vanessa Providence

Senior Operations Director
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More time, more money

Automate multi-system manual processes to optimize your staff's time.

Data in one place

Align your teams and members with a single source of truth in a unified platform.

Engaged members

Personalize communications and make faster decisions with accurate, real-time, actionable data.